bogo air pressure wine bottle opener
How to use an air pressure wine bottle opener
Air-pressure wine bottle opener
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2-for-1 Air-Pressure Wine Bottle Openers

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How to use air-pressure wine bottle opener

The most simple and satisfying air pressure wine bottle opener that allows you to easily pierce the cork with the needle, apply a few simple pumps of air pressure, and POP the cork magically comes out! Gone are the days of broken corks, broken cork screws, floating cork bits in your wine, and the hassle of opening a bottle of wine!

  • Simply insert the pin into the cork, pump 4-5 times, and POP!
  • Extra aeration for a more flavorful wine experience
  • Wine lover's favorite stocking stuffer!
  • Fun to show off at parties or with family
  • No pulling, twisting, or broken cork pieces
  • Compatible with all types and sizes of wine bottles
  • Perfect gadget if you have arthritis!

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